Our Process


Step 1

Identify your Needs:

Making changes in both business and in life is not a step that anyone takes lightly. Whether it’s a change in career or a change in business strategy, decisions have to be made as to when those changes have to take effect. For some it’s as simple as locking a door and walking away, but for most of us, this is something that requires planning and organization.

ETA’s first and most important step is to get to know our clients and their needs. From the first time we meet with our clients until the job is completed we constantly evaluate their goals and make adjustments to ensure a successful transition.

Step 2

Help and Advice:

After the interview process is complete, (YES we call it an interview because you are interviewing us and ultimately earning our trust) we take time to evaluate the internal aspects of the client’s business. We talk and meet with our clients trusted advisors, such as their accountants, bookkeeper, IT personnel, etc.; the goal is ultimately identify areas that can be improved, and if need be adjusted.

ETA’s goal is to have full transparency in this matter; no one likes surprises and in order to avoid them we work and seek assistance of your support group.


Step 3


This is the most important and often missed step by many business brokers. During this process we help the client answer questions such as:

  • What is the company or ownership interest worth?
  • What are the market conditions for a sale?
  • What are the tax consequences to the owners of the company?
  • Does sale/purchase of the company accomplish the sellers/buyers financial needs?

ETA will help you address these question before transaction is completed.

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